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Vegetable oil cast iron pan set of 3

6-inch (15.24cm) pan, 10.5-inch (26.67cm) pan, 11-inch (27.94cm) frying pan with movable handle

Made of cast iron, durable Even heat conduction and good heat storage performance Edible oil soaked, physically non-sticky Manual precision casting

Product BriefSpecificationsScope of Application

• Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware, a good seasoning makes all the difference. BARENTHAL seasons its cookware with 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals. The more you use your iron, the better the seasoning will get

• Offers unparalleled heat retention as you perfect your searing, sauteing, simmering, baking, broiling, braising, frying, roasting, and grilling

•Set includes 6” skillet, 10.5” skillet and 11” dual-sided skillet with removable handle

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