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The Barenthal factory was founded in 1947 in a small town called Barenthal in eastern France. The bear in the logo comes from the coat of arms of the town, "a black bear, passant silver, chapé-ployé of gold to the star of dexter gules", symbolizing the name of the village "Bear Valley" For locals, bears symbolize high trust and power commitment. Most of the ancestors of local people came from Germany across the Rhine River. The people who are fluent in German and French, adhering to the Germans' prudence, excellence and the romantic feelings of the French, make Barenthal's products unique and become a well-known unique brand in the European market.

Each finished product is manufactured on one of the industry's most advanced, fully automated production lines. Every product in our production line undergoes the most stringent quality assurance tests in the industry to ensure that every product we produce can provide years of optimal use and satisfaction. With over 25 years of manufacturing expertise, we have always focused on diversity in manufacturing facilities and products created for consumers who use them. We believe it is important to develop the best quality and most affordable products for everyone, and we are proud of our talented professional team sharing these values. Today, BARENTHAL® is world-renowned for its range of high-quality kitchenware designs found at better retailers in many international locations.

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