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Respect for human value

BARENTHAL® believes that everyone is a talent. Our team is made of hundreds of talented individuals who form an even greater team dedicated to professionalism and creating the finest quality kitchenware and silverware. We are proud to employ a diverse workforce that excel in and out of the workplace, each one as important as the next. These people are the best. They are Barenthal.

Develop people's potential

BARENTHAL believes everybody has unlimited potential. We make it a priority to develop each person’s strengths with opportunities for learning, working and challenging themselves.  To be the best team we can be, we need the best individuals. Together we can achieve more. Together we will succeed.

Reach new levels

At Barenthal, all business activities exist to help people live better. We want our people to excel in both work and life. Life is what you make of it, that’s why we always strive to make the best products and help develop the best people we can.

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