For 70 years Barenthal® has been designing and handcrafting stainless steel and silver plate flatware to the highest standard of quality. Each model is an illustration of our company’s passion for the art of the silversmith. Barenthal® harmoniously combines hand frosting, 24 karat gold accents, heavy silvering and Chinese vegetable lacquers all with flawless craftsmanship. Creativity in design and a passion for quality make Barenthal® one of the European leaders in the distribution of better flatware. These elements of European excellence have put Barenthal® products in demand throughout the world.

Barenthal® offers a large selection of quality stainless steel flatware in variety of unique designs, all of which are perfect for setting a beautiful table for any occasion.

The town of Barenthal® is located in the east of France. The bear used in our logo is based on a part of the coat of arms of the nobles who reigned here in the middle-ages and is also taken from the name of the town, which translates to “the valley of bears”. The bear also symbolizes the reliability and quality consciousness of the people in this area and in turn our products.

Today, Barenthal® is one of France’s largest designers and supplier of better stainless steel flatware. The company’s strong tradition, along with the originality and creativity of its collection is appreciated worldwide.